Book Your Wedding Issue 15 - Page 42


Throwing an engagement party is a great way to celebrate your exciting news! Plus it gives the two families a chance to meet early on in your wedding planning journey. And of course it gives you a chance to show off your ring!


When it comes to inviting guests to your Engagement Party, only invite those you intend on inviting to the Wedding

Decide whether your Engagement is to be a surprise! Send out invitations to a 'party'

If your parents haven't already met your partner - consider if you would like them to meet before the party


One way to keep costs low is to hold your Engagement Party at your or a friends home.

Another money saving idea is to ask all your guests to bring a plate of food, this could be organised by a list which is circulated around friends and family - similar to the way Gift Lists work, and ask everyone to choose an item to bring.

Go through all friends and family and make use of their talents, can anyone bake you a cake? decorate your venue? make invitations etc.

All these will save you a lot of money and they add a personal touch.