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Launched in 2010, BONMODA started as a strategic project of Moda Superior, to research the main target and industry. Bonmoda is a service and product of Moda Superior . Bonmoda reflects the contemporary lifestyle and culture of Bonaire in ever pioneering ways while addresses small to medium businesses, the entrepreneurs and the frontrunners of fashion, design, architecture, photography, literature and lifestyle.


Bonmoda sets Bonerian lifestyle industry into an international context as one of the only interactive magazine in this sector. Bonmoda brings the concepts with everything from artisan and/or local brands to the most established businesses. Bonmoda is commercially yet conceptually strong, and is therefore manageably to show different views of products than what is sold in the stores. Bonmoda dedicates special attention on each individual product or concept.

Core Values

Autonomy and independence are very important to us. We want to achieve a sustainable lifestyle by contributing a positive effect on our society, culture and environment. We strive to give high quality products and services and create projects that are durable. Furthermore, we aim to increase local tourism while contributing to economic developments and to support educational opportunities in the area of culture and lifestyle of Bonaire.


An advertorial in Bonmoda is a way to introduce new or different concept on one of a company’s areas. Bonmoda works with the Island’s strongest creative teams, to direct your picture and/or shoot for your advertorial.


Bonmoda embraces alternative promotion. We create innovative and clever advertising solutions tailored to the wishes of the client.


Bonmoda’s readers are influent ABC1 women and men with a taste for luxury and a buying power vast enough to allow them to purchase exclusive items and services featured in the magazine. This makes Bonmoda the ideal conduit for the contemporary brands advertised with us.

Circulation and distribution

Circulation 5.000 - Readership figures 20.000. Bonmoda is published online via Joomag and distributed in 18 countries, including; Bonaire, The Netherlands, U.S, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Curacao, Aruba, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, China, Dominican Republic, Statia and St. Martin.