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Desiree Janelle Suzena Janga (33) is a Caribbean singer, with a father born in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) and a mother born in Curacao. She grew up in a multi-talented family where music was the number one shared hobby. Last year she released her first solo album and is now ready to blossom internationally. Get to know Daisy!

Bonaire as inspiration:

When I am on Bonaire I get inspired by the nature and the humbleness of its people, but also by the feeling of overwelming passion, love and culture from the musicians, that's magical.

From her heart to Bonerian musicians:

I hope musicians will maintain the authenticity of Musica Krioyo while giving it international publicity. It is of course important to develop your skills and gain experience abroad, but I hope musicians never forget where they come from and return to help the music industry of their Island to grow.

Her dream:

My dream is to share positive messages through my music.

Looking into the future:

My plan is to keep moving forward into the music industry. I am open and ready for a breakthrough internationally.

Last word:

To the YOUTH of today; do not lose hope due to whatever situation you are going through. Stay determined and trust in God’s time to make your dreams come true.

Photography: Sorella van der Hoeven

The beginning:

I come from a family of many musicians. I was raised in the middle of traditional Bonerian music. When I was younger, my father used to be a leader of a culture band that promotes the Bonerian music in Curacao and they had their rehearsals at our place. During practice, I was always involved with singing and dancing on the ‘musica krioyo’.

The genre:

In the Netherlands I've been singing in several bands with all types of genres such as ‘Ritmo Combina’, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and of course culture bands of ‘Musica Krioyo’. Currently I've been concentrating more on Zouk, because in Zouk I can express myself naturally. Recently, I decided to record my first Zouk-solo album as an experiment and a challenge to myself and my public, with the goal to develop further into this music genre.

Her inspiration:

My inspirations comes from daily things like; emotions and what-ever-it-is that I am thinking at that moment. I also get inspired by other artists that I admire, everyone has their own uniqueness and I enjoy seeing that.

Working in a ‘’men’s world’’:

As a female artist it is difficult to stand out in these genres. However, I think by believing in myself and continuously working hard, I will succeed. Music is a gift that God has given me and I am passionate about it, that’s the reason I make music with love, and that helps me to overcome any obstacles.

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