BONMODA 1 - Page 84

[ T H E C O N V E R S A T I O N ]

BM: How did you start acting?

BC: Well to be very honest I never liked acting, I always got so nervous that I would shut down. I always was the calm and quiet girl, still am. But after my Miss Bonaire and pageant experiences and getting older, I've learned so much. I learned to speak and open up much more, and I'm still growing. When I got approached for acting, it was new for me, but I’m someone that likes to try new things and so I immediately said yes, let’s do this!

BM: How was your experience portraying to be Shantal?

While filming this drama, what kind of impact did the story have on you?

BC: It was very interesting, totally the opposite person that I am in real life. First time I read the script I was like oh my... Shantal is very interesting in a bad way. But afterwards, it even gave me more energy to do it, to prove myself that I can do something I normally never would do. To raise awareness, that these kinds of people do exist in this world and also to open eyes and better themselves instead of betraying, hurting, and using other individuals for their own benefits.

BM: What has been the biggest challenge in that project for you?

BC: That must have been trying to act "in love or heavily interested" in someone you just met a few hours/minutes before.

BM: Obviously, it has been a big adventure to be casted in the first Curacao feature film. What's the most important thing you learned from this experience?

BC: I learned not to fear, because fear is what blocks you to be the person you truly are inside.

BM: Who's your favourite actor and why?

BC: I don't believe in the word favourite, I know it's weird. I just don't limit myself to 1 thing. I always want to try out something different and new unless I have a good reason not to. But one of the actors I like a lot is Morgan Freeman.

BM: What are you working on right now? (As actress/model)

BC: I am working more as a commercial model. But I am not too focused on it, because it's quite hard to get a "job" with the tough competition in the fashion industry. If I get a model or film assignment I would be very happy to do it!

BM: What kind of other movies would you be interested in filming?

BC: An action/crime movie would be interesting. But I actually don't mind, as long it's a good film that catches the viewer’s attention during the whole film, because I'm very critical myself.

BM: What should the rest of the world know about you that we don't already know?

BC: That I love Candy and old Classic cars!

BM: Looking into the future, what can we expect from you in five years?

BC: Well, I live day by day and see what comes. Things don't always go as planned. So I have my ideas and goals that I'm aiming and going for. Which ever direction life takes me, in the end I do succeed. :)

BM: Modelling VS Acting - Which of them do you secretly like the most?

BC: To be honest I would like to model more; because critically I think that I do it better than acting, due to lack of experience. But I definitely would like to get more experience in acting.