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Jude Finies

Founder/ Creative Director

Back in 2010 when I founded Moda Superior - a blog that showcases conceptual shops, stories and work of designers in Rotterdam, I was especially curious to know everything about the process from creating to retailing. As an upcoming designer, it fascinated me to be involved with the challenges that designers are facing before their product is showed to a big audience. I started as an individual, writing short articles for a female online magazine, at the same time being busy for my own blog. Soon after, my best friend Kimberley Maduro joined as Editor-In-Chief and thereafter GĂ©rard Juliet joined us as PR. In a short time we grew from a non-profit collective to a fashion agency. We operated as well as in Benelux, Scandinavia as in France - featuring fashion weeks, events, exhibitions, fairs and shows. We kept the concept just how we started (the concept of the blog was to relate the message as the interview was given) while focusing on illustrating work of our guests and clients. Due to the positive reactions that we received within the industry, that writing-style became our signature. Nowadays, Moda Superior is no longer a blog, neither an agency, but a contemporary B2B design studio that offers several productions on the field of lifestyle and design, but has also grown into a high-end loungewear label for women from tropical climates. We at Moda Superior believe that the Caribbean has much to offer on the fields that we are operating. Thus, it is unstoppable for us to crossover and interlink great work in our magazine and clothing line. With this additional service, Bonmoda Magazine uncovers and promotes lifestyle entrepreneurs from the Caribbean Islands in particular Bonaire.

Finally, I want to thank you in advance for joining us on this new journey!