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This Karmameju salt balm combines Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn and Argan oils, valued by their anti-ageing character.

It contained Patchouli, Woody Vetivert and Cedarwood that balances and elevates the mind, while the skin is being restored and purified.

To improve circulation, smoothness and glow, this salt balm is mix with Rose Geraniu, Sweet and floral Ylang Ylang. It is an absolutely must have body treatment for the summer.

Is Orange NOT for YOU: then try Mazette.

Orange lipstick is The trend. Orange lipstick is a hot color for the Summer, from softer apricot shades to red-orange you can explore all the shades of Orange you could be wearing.

If this is not a color that looks good on you, try: Mazette 028 Dior!

Mazette is a shade that reminds me of Summer. Mazette has a great texture that glides unto lips easily. Mazette has a Pink- Coral shade that will also have a trendy effect which will make you look Radiant fresh.