BONMODA 1 - Page 26


W I T H K A M I N G (18)

'' The first time I picked up my parents compact camera, was back in 2011. By that time, I had no idea how what works. I was just taking pictures of random things, mostly of objects. By that time, I was inspired by a friend of mine (Margaux Lily Tellez). I saw her pictures and got really fascinated with the pictures she produced with her camera. From there on, I started pushing myself to be as good as her. I started experimenting more with the shutter speed and got pretty far, I guess. At the end of 2011 I got my first Semi-Dslr which motivated me more to take great pictures. I even tried the 365 Project! I can now say that 2012 was the year that I started doing photography not because it was my hobby but, because it became my passion. Since then I knew I wanted to become a photographer.''

BM: What is so far your favourite work?

KJ: That I have done?

BM: Yes.

KJ: I do not have a favourite, but one that's dear to me is: a picture I made for a school assignment. The theme was surrealism. I felt great after handing it in, but I felt even better on the exposition day where many people have complimented me. I can’t really say which my favourite or best image is because I always seem to think that I could’ve done this or that better.