Bongo Boy Magazine Summer 2018 Part One - Page 52

OLD EAST 765 BAR & GRILL , now nearly two and a half years old, has been helping keep London’s Old East end live music scene alive. This music venue entertains in punk/hard rock, metal and blues along with a variety of shows. 765 Dundas St East has been a venue for decades. The building itself dates back to the 1800s when it was previously known as the Queen’s Hotel before later on becoming the Town and Country, which in turn was a staple for many years hosting musicians of many genres such as country, rock, and even karaoke events. The music scene fell stagnant and a few years ago, having the doors to the back lounge shut, and eventually, between the two owners the establishment was closed briefly. Luckily, another music lover—Jim Ferreira—decided to step in. Having been running another music orientated establishment prior called the Grinning Gator, Jim put in some needed renovations, a new name, and best of all—re-opened the back-stage lounge. Now, the Old East 765 Bar and Grill hosts events every weekend with acts ranging anywhere from the drag shows to heavy metal—keeping the music scene in London’s East end alive.