Bongo Boy Magazine Summer 2018 Part One - Page 40

3. Studeo - I'm Falling For You 4:11 - This is another Bongo Boy band that I really like. The intro is dominated by a very emo- tional, sad guitar. When her vocals come in the song hits a new level as the band locks in. That tremendous voice and the excel- lent guitar work would bring out the emotion in even the most hard-core biker. The bottom line is that this is a very good song. Love songs, as Bongo Boy defines them are songs first and about love second. This stuff is much better than that muzak made up of Silly Love Songs (cough cough Paul McCartney cough cough). With this track, Studeo remains one of my favorite Bongo Boy artists. 4. Gar Francis - Man On The Moon 2:57 - Gar is the master. I have not heard anything by Gar that I have not liked. I can only think of a few other artists in that league, one being the genius Smokey Robinson. Gar starts with a very melodic intro before his trademark sensitive, yet somehow menacing vocals come in. The thing is, once you get past the intimidation factor, you realize Gar is singing a very sensitive song in which he expresses his deepest feelings. I get the same feeling when I hear Alice Cooper singing Only Women Bleed. Once you get past the make-up, the snake, and the decapitation you realize that Alice is a very sensitive, forward thinking guy. 5. Kama Ruby - It's Fine With Me 3:51- Interesting! This is a heavy love song. I dig the bass and the horn. Kama Ruby has a great voice! Is that a flute I hear? The jazz vibe almost makes me thing of Steely Dan, except the vocals have a hard edge to them. I think we may have found a new genre “Punk-Jazz”. WOW, when she hits those high note I am gobsmacked. This is one wickedly talented band that I simply must see live! 6. EG Holmes - Would You Do Anything For Love feat. Jackie Cespedes Molinary 3:32 - In the name of full disclo- sure, I must mention that my sister is a HUGE EG Holmes fan. Of course, when you hear the piano come in and the beautiful melody, it is easy to see why Sister-Grouch digs this guy. Jackie Cespedes Molinary’s vocals are nothing short of haunting. EG and Jackie together have done the nearly impossible; they take the listener to a place of liminal- ity where time stops and there is only the here and now.