Bongo Boy Magazine Summer 2018 Part One - Page 39

Bongo Boy Records Makes It Clear Once Again That A Love Song Is A Song First And About Love Second. New album Release LOVE IS Volume Two By Various Artists Worldwide Hej America! Today I received a request to review Bongo Boy’s latest love song compilation album entitled Love is Volume Two. Since I enjoyed volume one I thought, “sure, this should be good, besides Johnny Douglas (Zombie Garden Club) is in the leadoff spot and I have been a Zombie Head for a while.” So, with expectations high I cued up the sound files. 1.Johnny Douglas - Leave the Light On 3:02 - The first thing the listener notices is the piano. Johnny can play! I am a sucker for piano rock. Elton John and Bruce Hornsby and, lest I forget, the iconic Steve Winwood are among my fa- vorite musicians. This is not hyperbole when I say that Johnny can go toe to toe with any of those artists. The man can rock hard when he wants to or, as he does in this song he can play and sing so beautifully the Wicked Witch of the West would make peace with the Munchkins. 2. Inches From Sin - Laid My Heart Out 3:23 - Inches from Sin are another Bongo Boy artist that has been around for a while. In addition to having one of the coolest band names I have ever heard, they are also very good players. The blues/country guitar that starts off the song is great. When the vocals come in all I can do is listen, these two blend so well together. There is a definite melancholy country vibe to this track, yet they manage to incor- porate some rather classical strings while the drummer just lays down a groove that is sure to keep everyone’s attention (well, okay perhaps not everyone’s but the man has my attention). The ending is a bit of a surprise and the violins? Or are they chellos? play what come across as classical power chords - take that Yo Yo Ma!