Bongo Boy Magazine Summer 2018 Part One - Page 25

"Poetic in nature, the songs are filled with bright airy textures. With great confidence, the Corridors bring hope and optimism through their thoughtful, reflective lyrics. Everything works together from the insistent groove to the clever nimble guitar work that graces the sound"- Skope Entertainments By Andrew Goodwin for NEW MUSIC EAR ALBUM SUMMARY - "The End Of The Times" is a great uplifting album with varying styles showing the band's creativity with some killer tracks. Superb lyrics and harmonies combine with Electronic effects, guitar riffs and even a Springsteen cover version! These corridors you should walk down and open the doors to some great creative Rock! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “These guys have got what it takes, hence why it showcases itself right here on this release.” - NatalieZworld