Bongo Boy Magazine Summer 2018 Part One - Page 18

Sheba The Mississippi Queen’s A Real Good Woman Book Review by Kathryn Shipley This book is amazing in every sense of the word! Powerful, transparent, grit and honest. When you open the introduction page it immediately draws you in. When Sheba penned this line" I am the author of my story. No matter what happens. From her childhood of pain, honestly growing up faster than any child should have to. As she morphed into a young woman the pain and abuse intensified with people she thought would take care of her. The heartache as you flip each page is very surreal. But all of this made her the woman she is today. This is not a text book answer I speak the truth her life could’ve ended many times over, but she prevailed! Sheba is the Queen! She conquered, she overcame, and God drove her to victory... Victory to forgive, love and keep it moving. She only looked back to tell her story, but she has moved on without a doubt! May this book be a Blessing to someone else, that may need healing or reassurance that everything is going to be alright. The book hit a few chords with me in a beautiful way! Thank you, Sheba!! Blessings! Kathryn Shipley Singer / Songwriter Bongo Boy Records Artist of the Year 2017 – Gospel/ Country Gospel The Josie Music Awards -Nashville, Tennessee Available at Bongo Boy Records: