Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 60

Carol Martini proves to be a deft poet with the lovely “Swim In The Ocean”. The comfortable arrangement sprawls out into the infinite, for the whole of the song feels so timeless. With celebration of the natural realm the whole thing feels greatly welcoming. Poppy to its very core, Terretta Storm’s “Better Trust Me” unfurls with grace. Utilizing a character study sort of take the whole thing simply stuns. Buildups have a naturalistic aura to them. Ann M. Wolf delves headfirst into a soulful reggae sound with “Dedication”. Slinky grooves radiate sound throughout the whole of the piece adding to its summery, sun-soaked style. Layer upon layer of sound merge together into a mystifying whole. Light and breezy, Frank Piombo’s “Al Dente (Tino's Theme)” utilizes a laid-back jazz rhythm to great effect. Impeccable chops on the guitar further adding to the track’s expressiveness. Positively shimmering everything works wonders within the track. Things slow down considerably on the reflective contemplation of Bobby Rue’s “Moon Over Captiva”. Everything works wonders from Bobby Rue’s soothing voice to the gentle arrangement. Done to perfection the whole of the piece appears to nearly drift into sleep. Great energy propels Studeo’s “My Superman”. Yearning and passion come into the fray for the vocals soar up to the sky, as does the incredible guitar work. Truly immersive Studeo crafts an otherworldly sound. 1. Truck Stop -The Oohz – 4:11 2. Closer – Annemarie Picerno – 3:56 3. Tomorrow Is a Brand New Day – Studeo – 3:57 4. Insecurities – Nina Sol – 4:52 5. Baby I’m Afraid – Bobby Rue – 3:38 6. Dumb – Above the Sun – 3:01 7. The Coconut Song – Pamela Davis – 3:29 8. Swim in the Ocean – Carol Martini – 2:56 9. Better Trust Me – Terretta Storm – 3:36 10. Dedication – Ann M. Wolf – 3:15 11. Al Dente (Tino’s Theme) – Frank Piombo – 4:34 12. Moon over Captiva – Bobby Rue – 4:05 13. My Superman – Studeo – 5:20