Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 59

Bongo Boy Records Releases ‘VOL. XV’ By Various Artists Review by Skope Magazine The oOhz delves into a raw psychedelic sound with the spirited “Truck Stop”. Featuring ramshackle rhythms and existing purely in a haze, there is a classic quality to their breezy style. Lyrics have an acid western temperament to them while they waft through. Stripped down to the essentials Annemarie Picerno’s “Closer” feels so soothing, so reassuring. Melodies have a tremendous richness to them while she focuses on an intimate tact. Instrumentally diverse the way the arrangement balances everything is pure perfection. Giddy energy pours through the clear-eyed intensity of Studeo’s “Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day”. Everything works from the classic rock style to the commanding, confident vocals that rest at the heart of it all. The optimistic glow permeates every element of the track lending it a reassuring quality. R&B glamour defines the lush approach of Nina Sol’s “Insecurities”. Stylistically grounded by R&B, the song incorporates funk, jazz, and a bit of electronica into an inviting whole. Her voice rises above the arrangement giving it a luxurious feeling. A western twang takes hold on the blissful beauty of Bobby Rue’s “Baby I’m Afraid”. Sung with such earnestness, the tenderness pours through the whole of the piece. Slide guitar in particular works wonders in emphasizing Bobby Rue’s low-key delivery. Above the Sun swings through with such power on “Dumb”. With a playful sense of humor woven deep into the lyricism, the song propels itself forward in such a raw, gritty fashion. Guitars are fuzzed out adding to the hazy, disorienting atmosphere. Dreaminess reigns supreme over Pamela Davis’s “The Coconut Song”. Slow-moving rhythms further show off the oddity of the storytelling. Reminiscent of Connan Mockasin the piece has an otherworldly presence to it.