Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 57

Bongo Boy Music Group/Bongo Boy Records Releases Emidio’s Rock Den Volume One By Various Artists Review by Skope Magazine Angeles starts things off with the powerful rush of “Not Here To Play.” Done expertly they are propelled forward by an unstoppable rhythm section. The guitars scream up into the sky with a feral spirit. Going for a 70s hard rock style is Cathedral Reign’s classic approach of “Gentlemens Choice.” With a significant sense of swagger the song has a physicality to it. Multiple layers of sound interact creating a kaleidoscopic fervor. The take no prisoners approach works wonders for Abandoned Souls’ “Best of Me.” Chugging rhythms reign supreme full of great dollops of distortion. Vocals go for something unhinged as they rise above the din. Driving rhythms run through the aptly named “Out on the Highway” by Keith Hill Project. Everything goes for an unhinged sort of presence, one that allows nothing to be held back. Guitar solos have a tremendous intensity with some truly fantastic shredding. Cinematic in scope, Alyeus sprawls out in the seemingly infinite with “Archetype.” The song has a stately, commanding presence to it while it grows in scope. Quite sweeping the piece stuns. Sister Salvation goes for a raw, gritty, soulful sound with “REWIND.” Nostalgia permeates the entirety of the piece. A great attention to detail allows the song to have a bluesy atmosphere, while a pining quality emerges as things unfurl with such grace.