Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 56

Deserving to be blasted as loud as possible, Spyder Darling delves into something very truly incredible with the physicality of “Carte Blanche.” A defiant quality hooks onto the distortion of the guitar, adding to its unique power. Vocals rise above, at times reminiscent of Thurston Moore’s delivery. A mournfulness comes into view on Franki Dennull and the Beings’ slow moving, highly contemplative “Darlin.” Done to perfection, the piece’s many layers work together to create a slow-moving sort of style. Everything feels uniquely balanced resulting in an atmospheric world. Saxophone leads the way on Vic Cappetta’s flirtatious “Butterscotch.” Without needing to say a single word, a whole narrative takes shape. Organ, guitar, and saxophone unify into a stream of consciousness take. A raw visceral quality takes shape on Nick Marr’s “There’s The Door.” Stripping things down to the bare basics, there is a great intensity to it. Reminiscent of the White Stripes, the energy flows through the whole of the work. Such fun is had on Maryann’s highly active, packed arrangement of “Hips Lips and Eyes.” The styles run from jazz, blues, big band, and a bit of rock thrown in for good measure. By far the true center of it all comes from Maryann’s undeniably strong, commanding voice. Bobby Rue proves to be a deft storyteller on “Ridge Riders Run.” Singing from a life of experience, the whole of the work has a lived-in quality to it. The arrangement has just the right western twang helping to guide it along. Hypnotic to its very core, Above The Sun goes for a cyclical style with “The Weight is There (upon your Shore).” Vocals have a detached mystical aura to them. By far the highlight comes from how Above The Sun lets the whole of the piece come into full bloom. Energy runs through the entirety of Susan SurfTone’s “Temptation.” Done with the greatest of care, the song does not slow down for anything. A yearning weaves itself through the entirety of the track, lending it a sense of urgency. Written by Beach Sloth for Skope Magazine Official Web Site