Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 55

Bongo Boy Records Presents: Out of the Garage Vol. 4 Review by Skope Magazine The New Bardots barrel through with the brash ramshackle rhythms of “Great Balls of Fire.” Going for a sly approach, the New Bardots slow things down into a fantastic churn, one that possesses a force of nature quality to it. Guitar chug along while everything simply shines. “My Best Friend Died (And Left Me His Guitar)” shows off Wood Shampoo’s impressive chops. The way they rush through so much space feels outright invigorating. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix, giving it an incredible edge. Late 60s psychedelic rock informs the Most’s “Special Girl”. Sunlit to the extreme there is a dazed, hazy quality to the piece. Instrumentally rich the way that the Most ties it all together makes the song feel akin to a grand journey. Swinging through RGD’s “Hey Louise” has a great tenderness to it. Doing everything with the utmost of grace, the lyrics have such heart. Full of warmth the song’s catchiness is undeniable, as is the universality of the song’s message. A bluesy approach frames the entirety of the oOhz “Needle In A Mirror.” Keeping things to the essentials works wonders, giving the song an intimacy of sorts. The way the song builds up shows an uncanny knack for detail. Mark Lindsay goes for something quite dreamy on the beautiful “Merry Go Round.” The multifaceted, surrealist imagery helps to give the song a compelling quality. Various flourishes further emphasize this sort of spirit. Passion pours through the Chiller’s loose and carefree “Belle Of The Ball.” Storytelling ties the whole of the work together, with elastic grooves giving everything such space. Representing the best of garage rock, there is a tremendous amount of energy coming together bringing the song to a riotous conclusion.