Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 44

to play, they are here to ROCK. Batting second, we have Duncan Morley ft. Rick Ross - Find You Now – This is an interesting song. I am not entirely sure what genre this track falls into, but I do hear a Mo- town influence. I enjoy this video. The black guy gives off a dangerous Barry White vibe. He has a cool deep voice like Barry, but there is also a bit of menace in his tone that says, “I could rip out your throat if I wanted to and there is not a thing you can do about it.” The while kid has a good voice overall, but personally I think he is a bit stronger on the higher notes. He reminds me of Rick Astley without the flame red hair. I actually mean that as a complement. Rick Astley, like George Michael, when you strip away all the sugar pop overtones, is basically a guy with a very, very good voice. This is a very interesting piece of work. In the third position we have Brandon Bonine - Only With You –This is a very good song and I am honestly impressed. Once again Bongo Boy has found a love song with is a song first and about love second. What I mean is the music is excellent. It certainly helps that Brandon has a very good voice but listen to that Country infused Rock guitar solo. I think some- one has a little Bob Seger influence going on. That’s cool with me. One of the best albums I have heard is Live Bullet. I like the background singers, but I find myself wondering if Brandon, given his apparent age, even realizes that is a Motown staple. This is an excellent song! In the cleanup spot we have Lady Moon & The Eclipse - Star Gazing – First off I have to say this is an exceptionally well edited video. There was a huge possibility that the ef- fects would come off as cheesy and lame; they do not. The effects add to the song and I am very impressed. Secondly, I realize the band is out of New York, but I have to ask if that is really where they are from? This track has Barry Gordy’s fingerprints all over it. The backup singers with the choreographed dance moves are straight out of my home town. Then there are the vocals themselves, Lady Moon is nothing if not enchanting. This, folks, reminds me of old school R&B or what we used to call Soul Music. Sly Stone would be proud. I was locked into the groove and it made me smile! Batting fifth we have Bunnies - The Problem With Link Think – This is an odd duck of a track. I really enjoyed the music. The guitar was great, and the rest of the band was lay- ing down a very cool groove. I could only really understand about half of the lyrics, which usu- ally would not bother me at all as even when I could not understand the exact words I could hear the notes and he was singing them well. So basically, the band gets an A for a cool, well played song. Then there is the video. Sorry guys, you lost me on the video. Some animated creatures jump through a portal, meet an animated alligator and come back to eat some animated candy. I am afraid this is one track that would be better on the radio, as the music is killer. Next up we have Liz Kennedy - Everyone Knows How It Goes – WOW - I am speechless. OK, I get that this is a bit of an aging hippy jam, but somehow it touches my old Punk Rock heart. There is no doubt that Liz has a great voice and there is just enough blues in this track to make me really dig it. I am a sucker for a slide guitar and the banjo (Yes, I said banjo) rocks! The video is what sends this song over the top. Doing everything in black and while is simply brilliant. Really, this song belongs on The Big Chill soundtrack. Liz, you have my respect!