Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 41

Track 11 - There's The Door - Nick Marr - Very nice syncopated beat at the beginning. Then the guitar comes in and screams raunchiness! This is cool and makes me smile. I like the singer’s voice; it goes well with this song. His voice is gritty and the anger is simply overflowing! It seems that Nick broke up with some girl and wants the world to know about it. I particularly like the blues based leads that come in towards the middle of the track. There is a slight break before the drummer starts up the beat again - I have to give Nick an A+ for a lyric I have never heard before: “You’d make a great first wife.” Ouch! This song is killer!! Track 12 - Hips Lips and Eyes - Maryann - I really like Maryann. This song is a seduction Manual - pure and simple. The thing is that the music is also very well played and Maryann has a very good voice. I can see this being played in a smoky club in the early morning. Maryann rocks and seems like a really fun girl! Track 13 - Ridge Riders Run - Bobby Rue - This song is very special as Bobby was a great musician and as I got to know him as a person, I realized that more than being just a talented player Bobby was a warm human being. I was saddened to hear of his passing. This track is classic Bobby I am such a sucker for a harp and that Country influenced guitar. This is American Rock and Roll. The lyrics are about cruising from town to town with the hammer down and the guitar, even when he is throwing lightning bolts has a decidedly Country flavor to it. Over-all, this is an excellent track and I am so happy that my friend’s music lives on. Track 14 - The Weight is There (Upon Your Shore) - Above The Sun - This is another Bongo-Boy band that I dig. The intro is very melodic, in fact hauntingly so. The singer is singing some very deep words as he sings about the possibility of becoming homeless, a fact that is all to real to most Americans. This isn’t simply a deep song comprised of social commentary, the guitar rocks in parts as he hits those power chords and opens up with a massive jam that makes me smile!!The band is tight, they rock, and the lyrics are deep. Excellent song!