Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 39

can say is I understand your pain. It was two years ago this month that my niece Jennifer “Pixie Tourette” Nalley was murdered. The pain never goes away, but it does get easier. Track 3 - Special Girl - The Most - I like the minimalist intro. In the background I hear some wicked jamming, but due to the way this was recorded it is a bit difficult to hear. The singer has a unique voice that I like. There is a Byrds feeling to this track that is very infectious. I really like when the tempo picks up and the lead guitar is easier to hear as he cranks out a fine solo. The unusual thing is the real jam doesn’t come until the end of the song, then suddenly the song is over. Track 4 - Hey Louise -RGD - Oh yeah! These guys can sing - WELL. The melodic guitar com-bined with the vocals while the bass and drums lay down a solid bottom are what American Rock and Roll is famous for. So many American groups I dig have a knack for harmonies. I mean even the MC5, one of the original noise bands could sing well together. Harmonies and melodic vocals are not the only thing this song has going for it. At the 1:20 mark the bass takes the lead while the drummer backs him up - personally I think that is pretty cool! This is a good band. Track 5 - Needle In A Mirror - The oOhz - Ok, off the bat these guys are interesting because I am not sure how to say their name. The guitar and drums at the beginning of the song are interesting. The singer has a unique voice that blends well with the soft guitar. I dig the walk down run that leads to a slight tempo increase before the band goes back into mellow mode. This is a very interesting song that makes me think of the very early Talking Heads. Track 6 - Merry Go Round - Mark Lindsay - Mark Lindsay, if you don’t know was the vocalist in Paul Revere & the Raiders. In all honesty, before I heard his solo album released on Bongo Boy whenever I thought of that band I thought of silly hats. Then I listened to his album Life Out Loud and was blown away. This man can ROCK. Simply put, do you like the Kinks? If you do, you will like this song. I happen to really like the Kinks and no matter how many times I listen to this song I can’t get the Kinks out of my head