Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 38

Bongo Boy Records Releases Out Of The Garage Volume Four By Various Garage Rockers Hej America! A short while ago my friends at Bongo Boy Records sent me a copy of the album Out Of The Garage Vol 4 and asked me to share my thoughts. This should be pretty easy as Garage Rock is one of my favorite genres. A solid case can be made that Garage Rock is the heart and soul of American Rock and Roll. What famous rocker did not start playing in a garage band? I mean where exactly did all those 1950s Skiffle cats practice and play? Track 1 - Great Balls of Fire - The New Bardots - Naturally I dig the version made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis, but this is one of the best covers I have heard. As far a pure guitar driven adrenalin The New Bardots blow Jerry Lee away. This is what makes this song so cool. They have the obligatory piano jam, and the band is locked in, but good God does that guitar sound great! Well done guys! Track 2 - My Best Friend Died (And Left Me His Guitar) - Wood Shampoo - I am a huge fan of this band. Not only are they all very good players, but their lyrics usually make me laugh. Dudes, you have a sick sense of humor and I love it. Man, who can’t dig the intro to this song. Blasting power punk chords never sounded so good. In all, honesty this song is a bit sad as it sounds like the man is truly sad that his friend died. At least he is putting the guitar to good use as the solo in this song is blistering. This is a truly tight band that blows the roof off every time I hear them. I would love to see their live show! On a side note, if indeed your friend died, I am sorry for your loss. All I