Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 35

10. John's Lament - Straight Into Heaven- Shea Welsh —Very nice mellow guitar introduction and then what sounds to me, again, a violin comes in and magnificently augments the guitar. I can totally understand why this instrument was knows as the Devil’s instrument. Listen to this track. It oozes emotion. It is a very short piece, but by the end I feel drained. That folks, is an incredibly powerful thing to be able to do in a short time, by simply causing strings to vibrate. Amazing—really amazing work. 11. Mystic Message - Brooks & Day — I hear a guitar and what sounds like a flute but could be a keyboard. There are some cool wind sound effects and a little percussion here and there. The main instrument seems to be the flute. It is pretty and then the guitar starts to aggressively strum some chords before the flute starts a jam - yes people besides Ian Anderson can make some noise. Overall, this song keeps my attention and I find myself enjoying it. Well done. 12. Starseed - Claudio Casanueva —The introduction reminds me of something Pink Floyd would come up with. This would be great in an iMax theater with stars and comets swirling around. The song is 4:19 long so at the 3:22 second mark I am a bit surprised that what I thought was the introduction is actually the main part of the piece. During the last minute there is a kind of a bass thumping, I am not sure if it is an actual drum or a bass guitar or a keyboard. Then some birds and what sounds like children playing come in and last until the end. This track absolutely belongs at the midnight showing at an iMax with a laser show for added effect.