Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 33

4. Love Song -Yona Pax —The first thing the listener is struck by is the massive piano and the symphonic strings - then that voice comes in. All I can say is WOW. Yona has a beautiful voice. I am really spellbound. You should listen to this song. Her voice is awesome. She hits high notes spot on and not once hurt my ears (I mean that in all seriousness, after years of having electric guitar blasted into my left ear, due to the placement of an amplifier, there are some notes that even when hit correctly cause intense pain in my ear.) Yona is, to use an often over-used word, amazing. 5. Distorted Time feat. Emilia Lopez-Yañez- Tawangher, Weber — I really like the guitar at the beginning. Then I hear something that sounds, to me anyway, like they sampled some of the sounds in reverse. Not too much, just enough to be interesting without being annoying. The band kicks in with what to me sounds like a vaguely Middle Eastern Ska vibe; I hear what sounds like a horn section. Overall, I am perplexed, but in a good way. This is so much differ-ent from the music that I usually listen to, all I can do is listen intently. The female vocals that pop in and out get my attention and then suddenly, I mean in an instant, the track is over. 6. Share This Moment - Deborah Henriksson— This next track is by a woman I have been a fan of for quite some time. Deborah is not a rocker at all, at least nothing I have heard by her fits that genre, which is what I usually listen to. New Age is probably an appropriate classification for her music, although I would classify it as simply beautiful, well sung songs that feature mellow, but soulful players. I mean, listen to this song and tell me the guitar player doesn’t lay down a fantastic mellow groove. The orchestral strings in the background add a real depth to the music. The thing that stands out, as always with Deborah’s music is her voice. I would pay money to see a double show with Yona and Deborah!