Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 32

never once thought I would like to listen to the music in the middle of a forest, as I am a great- indoorsman. Having said that, here are my thoughts on the music, regardless of where the listener chooses to listen. 1. Tranquilo - STEEL— This is a very pretty track with no vocals. As I sat here in my chair, looking around my den, I did feel a calmness come over me as I became one with my open source operating system. No, no, in all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed this track. Steel is a very good player and the music is, for lack of a better description, well played, beautiful, relaxing music. 2. Aquarium Screensaver - Mike Surratt — Mike should get some kind of award for a really cool track name. I actually like this song. It is bright and cheery. The percussion is doing some interesting things and it keeps my attention which is difficult to do as I was ADHD back when it was simply called being annoying. This is a really good, nice track! 3. Belonging - Kobi Arad— Now this is interesting! I like the vocals and the way they work with the instruments. I can’t really tell if there are any actual words; this is more or less New Age Scat singing. The thing is that it works well. The keyboard is both melodic and haunting. The percussionist is laying down a crazy rhythm and I find myself listening intently. I feel a Steely Dan vibe here, whether intentional or not. their playing strikes me as being at that level. I would bet money there is a Jazz background somewhere in Kobi’s past. Overall, this is an excellent piece of work.