Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 29

available for download sales, streaming and ringtones in Asia via our distributor in Hong Kong, China. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION This release is made available on iTunes, Amazon and other 15000+ online retail outlets worldwide. Including Africa and others available to Bongo Boy Records outside of the USA. Our office reps in Hong Kong, London and The USA provide total WORLDWIDE digital distribution. RADIO CAMPAIGN PLUS a 6 weeks radio campaign to DJS of FM, Internet radio, satellite radio and others. Guaranteed Heavy Radio Rotation on iSPIN RADIO for at least 4 weeks. DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP RADIO INTERVIEWS Phone interviews to promote you and your music together with this release. (Via Phone / Skype or via written Q & A) Made available online via archive files online for easy sharing. TELEVISION CAMPAIGN PLUS this album will be promoted on 66+ TV Channels in THE USA with Bongo Boy TV distribution and promotions. NBC UNIVERSAL COMCAST, FiOS, Spectrum and others. Television in cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nashville, San Antonio, Los Angeles and others all to promote this release. Plus the distribution Galaxy Global Network Hot Rock TV. ROKU GO INDIE TV. MUSIC PLACEMENT Bongo Boy Records has set up music placement services with AddMusic in Taipei, Taiwan. The company only works with advertising agencies, training video production producers, movie makers in ASIA. (non exclusive). Your music will be made available to Music Supervisors MORE INFO