Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 25

The Details Details to me are super important because while I can scream and rave all about the overall impression, there are always small things that really catch my eye. Here’s a check list that I had made right after their performance. Vocals—killed me. I knew Joe could sing, but I wasn’t prepared for how much he could rock. His voice had the raspy-ness that all rockers need to be blessed with. He was even jumping and dancing on the stage which had me laughing. Guitar Solos—killed me. I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say that guitar solos are what’s going to play when rockers reach Heaven—I don’t care what your role is in the band. It’s going to be a guitar solo. The guitarist, Jeff Lepore, had a solo in every single song and every single time it blew me away. Tears may have been held back. His guitar was cool too—orange and black checker pattern? Sign me up. Drums—killed me. Drums and drummers alike are underrated and it’s a sin. Drums are the backbone of the band—they make the beat and they keep the beat. And man can Joe Jr. play. There was not a faulter in his sticks as they flew across the drumset. He made my heart beat along with him! The bass player’s arms—killed me . I don’t think I need to elaborate. Thank you, Lenny Sours. Thank you.