Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 24

enough to make me want to go again. The venue was just small enough to amplify the acoustics, and then big enough for the headbangers to crowd up front and do there thing. Did I mention the bar with the best view of the stage? Yeah. Perk. I had the pleasure of standing right next to one of the gigantic speakers, so you can’t tell me that I didn’t hear the band correctly. The aesthetics of the Stanhope House in general were on point—the stage had zebra print rug, it had a low decorative ceiling, and the guys all dressed to fit the sound and the venue. If you can’t tailor your style to the venue, then you’re the one that looks out of place. Sister Salvation looked right at home on the stage—they owned it. The Set The amount of raw energy Sister Salvation put into their set blew me away instantly. It was like they injected adrenaline into my veins via hard rock. Sister Salvation didn’t even try to ease into their set—they just jumped headfirst into it which honestly was the right move. The set flowed flawlessly from one song to the next with a few small breaks in between where the band proved themselves true entertainers as they interacted with the audience. Their sound was so tight that I was completely immersed in the music throughout the whole set—not once did my ADD turn my attention away. Sister Salvation had great stage presence that held the entire audience captive. There was even this adorable little rocker in the front that was headbanging along to their songs! Here are some clips that I took for just a taste of what Sister Salvation can do.