Bongo Boy Magazine Issue 107 - Page 16

FAQ >How do I begin the process to get an interview with Bongo Boy Magazine? Fill out THIS sign up sheet! It’s THAT simple! >How do I receive my interview questions? We ask them of course! Our music director, Emidio Vaz, carefully listens to your music and customizes questions pertaining to you/your band. We send them to you via email, and all you must do is answer them! The sooner you answer the questions, the sooner we start promoting. As for the radio interview, Emidio Vaz will schedule a time and date for your Skype/Phone interview. When you have completed your interview questions please email them back to Bongo Boy Music Group ( together with up to 5 press photos (jpg,gif) >Will you edit my responses in any way? The only edits made are for clarity purposes ONLY. All original responses are saved and recorded. >Are interviews done for solo artists or bands exclusively? We provide interviews for BOTH solo artists and bands! >How do I get a press release? Your interview DOUBLES as a press release. This means you’ll get both pages in the magazine as an interview, AND ALSO be featured in the Music Industry News Network. >When will my interview/press release be published? Completed interviews received before 10th of the month will go in the NEXT UPCOMING issue of Bongo Boy Magazine. >Do I need to pay for the interview/press release? There is a one-time DIY sponsorship of $50.00 USD for the interview. This INCLUDES the PRESS RELEASE and all other benefits mentioned above at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Method of payments Bongo Boy accepts: Hit submit at the bottom of THIS form and complete the prompt to Or call the office at 908-455-1576 ask for Monique Grimme/Emidio Vaz for payment via Credit Card/Debit Card/eCheck.