Bolivia May 2013 Vol 6

Bolivian People and Daily Living By: Trey Griffin B o l i v i a n D a i l y L i fe B y : Trey G r i f f i n Bolivian Daily life is largely dependent of on social class. Through the more rural areas there are more Indian traditions and through the upper and middle class they have more western traditions in their choices of music, clothes, and food. Almost all Bolivians have cell phones but on the upper class areas have home phones due to the high prices. Most house in upper class areas have cable or satellite TV and some have computers. In the rural areas TV isn't as common but some houses still have it and not many have computers. Shopping is defined by social status the upper and middle class go to mall and shopping centers and the lower classes usually go to outdoor shopping areas. No matter what class every person plays soccer in Bolivia it is by far the most popular sport. Horseback riding, golf, and tennis are growing in the upper class. People in more urban areas also attend more social gatherings and stay at later because restaurants and clubs stay open later. Social class really dictates what a person does in Bolivia and there is a huge difference between classes. In this issue: Story Title 1 Story Title 1 Story Title 2 Story Title 2