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GOLF ACADEMY By Denny Walters, Jr. I hope everyone is doing well during this crazy time of uncertainty. As the golf season gets underway, I want to help you get back into the “swing” of things. A lot of us have not been able to practice our golf games, and sometimes this can be good! Time off allows us to not think and swing, and increases the tendency to have a more relaxed and “carefree” swing. But then our brains inevitably turn on and we start over-thinking our swing again. This month I want to talk with you about how to get back into proper thinking for playing golf. When we get back to playing, everyone will want to just get on the course. This is great; however, spending time at the range is just as important, if not more so. We would never go back to any other sport without a little practice before game time. Even if our swings are not perfect and there are deficiencies, practicing gives us a sense of hope and relaxation before playing. As you start back up playing, take the time to go to the range and the putting green. When you do go on the course, try not to have any expectations for the first few rounds. This is a great time to start logging your stats to see where you can improve. There are many apps out there that can help you with that, such as 18 birdies and the GHIN app. Knowing where you need to practice your game will only help you in the long run. In short, get out there and practice before you play! Remember the old saying “you have to walk before you run.” I am always here to help you with your game, even if you have a simple question about your swing, a putting technique, or course management. Do not hesitate to stop me and ask. Next newsletter we will get back on track with swing tips! Thank you, Dennis Walters Jr. 8