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Body Electric welcomes you to its first electronic publication. This student-edited journal is published by the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago College of Medicine Artists. It features writing and visual arts created by medical students at the college. The printed journal was first published in 1984 under the mentorship of Dr. Suzanne Poirier, the former Professor of Literature and Medicine in the Department of Medical Education.

The UIC medical community contains many gifted and highly creative individuals whose talents outside the sciences rarely come to our attention. While the basic science and clinical aspects of an individual's training have ample opportunity to be tested, the art tangled within the same knowledge is often overlooked. Since 1984, Body Electric has striven to be an avenue for the expression of ideas, interpretations and creations of the UIC medical community. This journal itself is the collaboration of contributors that choose to share their artistic inclinations to enrich and give body to the field of medicine. To the authors and artists of this year's edition, we offer our sincere gratitude. We also want to thank Dr. Norman Lieska and Dr. Sandra Sufian for providing us their support and guidance in the revival of the College of Medicine Artists and Body Electric. We especially want to thank Dr. Suzanne Poirier for her generous donation. Body Electric simply would not exist without her mentorship, generosity and dedication.

Thank you, contributors and readers, for sharing your artistic talents with the UIC medical community.

COM Artists