Body Electric | Spring 2017 Body Electric | Spring 2016 - Page 29

If I am grey and laureled by my peers

for the knowledge I have added to the world

and then I find I have to teach a course

I would follow in the footsteps of the greats.


I would use the longest words I know.

I’d philosophize at every turn.

I’d teach them what they shouldn’t learn.

(That’s the most important lesson after all.)


And if they tried to prod me back on topic,

I would turn and ask them who knows better

what they should know: me or them?


My teaching requirement completed, I would smirk

For educating these lawyers, surgeons…

what was my lecture on again…

They’ve got books; what do they need me for?


Victor Macrinici

Class of 2019

Body Electric / Spring 2016 29