Body Electric | Spring 2017 Body Electric | Spring 2016 - Page 23

I study with pen in hand, thumb

on page writing like the monks

who transcribed bibles in the

Dark Ages.


Each letter flows to next

in the rubbish cursive I learned

from an old man who smoked and

drank.  He was the best teacher

I’ve ever had.  It was third grade.


As I write each foreign-sounding word

I start to understand the difficulties

my parents had in learning this language.


Those monks knew their bible well

by the end as they spent their days in

cells like bees about their craft

so that one more person would read,

one life be saved.

Ars Medicina

Victor Macrinici

Class of 2019


Vidya Govind

Class of 2018

Body Electric / Spring 2016 23