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Victor Macrinici

Class of 2019

CC: “heart twinges as if twisting”

22-year old female with previous heart replacement

and a history of heart break presents

with heart pain which was first noticed two days

ago when she was saying goodbye

to her home of four years.

The pain is constant and severe, rated a 10 out of 10

with associated symptoms of gloomy thoughts and

loss of lacrimal control when going through old

Facebook photos as her friends pack up and go.

The pain radiates from the tricuspid to the aortic valve.

There are no relieving factors.

Factors include looking at the textbooks she half-read

because they remind her of the friends she’s met

in study groups and the pizza runs they made.

Associated symptoms include repetitive thoughts

of past relationships and wondering why

this and that didn’t work out and why people

waited as if time would last forever.

She does not take medications.

She does not smoke and drinks three drinks

a week to set others at ease.  She is concerned

she may have heart disease given that

this is the third or fourth time this has happened.

Of note, patient has no known history of

coronary artery disease or hypercholesterolemia.

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