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Involvement and Participation

Business Plan

Why are we here …

The Chamber exists to promote

business success by fostering a supportive business environment in the community . A supportive business environment is one where the following conditions are present : a diversity of economic opportunity exists in the community , the interdependence of all sectors of the local economy is recognized , and community support for and loyalty to local businesses is evident . Business networks exist and are supported by local businesses . The physical appearance of business facilities and their surroundings reflect pride and caring . The attitude of local business people toward
the local community is generally upbeat and positive . The business community is an effective participant in community decisionmaking . The business community promotes involvement in community activities . The business community ’ s input in the public decision making process is sought and valued .

How we go about our business …

Involvement and Participation

We believe the best decisions are made when people who are affected by an outcome have the opportunity to participate in a clearly defined and open decision-making process . As a membership organization , we recognize the importance of involving our members in shaping and carrying out the Chamber ’ s agenda . We also expect that adequate opportunities will be provided for the business community to participate in discussions during the earliest possible stages of community decision making and government actions which impact the business environment of Princeton and Mercer County . Key questions include : Is this an issue that directly affects the business environment of Princeton and Mercer County ? What level of involvement does it require from our membership ? How do we most effectively participate in the decision making process ?
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