Bluefield, Community Guide 2018 - Page 9

Governmental Affairs Mission: To monitor local, state, and federal governments and regulatory activities, identify pertinent issues, and work with elected officials to advocate the interests of the business community. Objective: Monitor legislative activity to ensure broad advocacy for those legislative initiatives, proposals, and/or projects at the local, state, and federal level that will enhance the economic and community development of the region. Programs: • Legislative trip to Charleston, West Virginia • Legislative trip to Richmond, Virginia • Coordinate reception for Mercer and Tazewell County officials • Legislative meetings Initiatives: • Distribute position papers • Conduct pre-session legislative forecast of the Virginia General Assembly and West Virginia Legislature’s actions • Publish and distribute a members’ directory of elected officials and key staffers for website • Track legislative issues and establish a proactive position during interim meetings • Develop a “how-to” guide for individuals interested in running for elected office • Monitor city, county, state, and federal legislation and report to Board of Directors • Establish a County Zoning Committee for Mercer County Forums: • Legislative Point of View Breakfast – pre-session • Meet the Candidates Forums • Conference Calls from State Chambers and Regional Partnerships Liasons: • West Virginia Chamber of Commerce • Virginia Chamber of Commerce • U.S. Chamber of Commerce • VA/West Business and Legislative Coalition • West Virginia Business and Industry Council • Other Chambers of Commerce Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce | 7