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bluewater hunting and freediving
The zambezi or bull shark .
wounds , broke from the pack . Swimming upward in a spiral fashion , it came close to Herb with its mouth opened slightly . It charged . Herb had no choice but to spear the brute . It was knocked senseless for 10 seconds before it started thrashing wildly . It rushed me next , and I , too , fired .
It kept thrashing and rolling , eventually becoming tangled in both of our float lines . Before I knew what was happening , the shark had rolled its body up in my line , its head tangled around my right leg . My line had caught on my leg-mounted knife sheath , allowing the shark to roll up in the line against my body . Frantically , I pushed its head away with my gun , trying desperately to prevent it from biting me . It was only after the rubber strap broke on my knife sheath that I could free myself from this Siamese tangle . Miraculously , I remained uninjured . Our tender finally showed up after this ordeal — he had been busy helping a fellow diver land a sailfish . Regaining his composure , Herb took a
quick photo using the Nikonos hanging from his neck .
Greg loves to tell the story of his friend and mentor Wally Gibbins , one of Australia ’ s most respected fathers of spearfishing . It was Wally who explored most of the offshore bluewater locations popular today . Wally was salvage diving in the Solomon Islands where some sections of the rocky cliffs drop into 3,000 feet of water .
“ Many silvertip sharks inhabit these edges , and on one occasion Wally found himself rushed by a number of sharks at once ,” Greg says . “ Unfortunately he didn ’ t have a gun in his hand so he improvised . He bunched himself into a tight ball and as the sharks came closer , he quickly thrust out his legs and arms and spooked them all . Wal is a very cool customer when it comes to sharks !”
In South Africa , next to the white shark , the zambezi shark is the most feared . Tim Condon writing in Underwater Special Edition No . 17 - Great White Shark says this about the zambezi : “ You can scream in the face of a zambezi shark , bash him severely on the nose , and all he ’ ll do is