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bluewater hunting and freediving
swim away , try croaking , banging the side of your gun with a fist , tweaking your bands , etc . Any different noise is going to pique the curiousity of a departing fish . I have turned wahoo , tuna , cobia and big uluas , 180 degrees ; from heading out of range into the blue , to nearly committing suicide just a few feet from the front of my gun .”
Recently , on a Diving for a Cause trip to New Zealand , I was pleased to notice how well the kingfish responded to my croaking . With clear water , I could see them alter their path many feet away . Diving alongside a sheer dropoff seamount , I croaked in large amounts of trevally and blue mau mau . I hoped to attract a huge “ kingie ”, called a “ frog ” for the appearance of their lips . Suddenly , the bait disappeared behind me . Staring into the fishless void , I hoped to find the fish that had scared them , when suddenly , what seemed like many thousands of mackerel shot straight for me and the safety of the wall . The noise was like a freight train . Again , staring into the void , I could not find the large fish I knew scared them . Glancing over my shoulder at the rock ten feet behind me , I was startled to see a slab of fish with the bright , glowing , iridescent stripes I knew only belonged to marlin . I threw
my gun over my shoulder and fired at the mass . I was so close , I could not see its head or tail , but from the stripes I knew it was a marlin . An hour later , we boated the 250-pound beauty .
Using another form of auditory attraction , Cameron likes to thump the water . “ With your hand cupped downward , place it just at the surface and bring it down quickly . This creates a booming noise in the water similar to that of a gamefish or diving bird hitting the surface . As you bring your hand down , you create a ‘ hole ’ in the water . The bubbles and concussion sound similar to a feeding frenzy they don ’ t want to miss out on .”
Chum , chunk bait , palu and burley , all synonyms for fish attracters , are made primarily from dead fish . One popular method for using these fish attracters is to anchor your boat along a drop off or pinnacle , cut fish into one-inch square chunks , and cast them behind the boat . This method of chumming works best in clear water with a slight current .
World champion spearfisherman , Terry Lentz ; Hawaiian champion , Dennis Okada ; and I used a variation of this method in the Hawaiian Islands for yellowfin tuna . We chose