Blue Water Hunting and Freediving - Digital Version 1 - Page 201

dolphin fish Dolphin fish like these female are capable of kaleidoscopic, almost instantaneous color changes, from gold to electric blue to silver. came close, almost within range, then darted straight down. I continued to remain still as it reversed course and came within 10 feet, close enough for a good shot. My shot was true, hitting it behind the gill plate. It jumped out of the water and then headed straight down, instantly stripping 150 feet of line from my reel. Pressure on the reel’s drag finally stopped it. The fish stayed deep, continually swimming on its side. Half an Photo by Terry Maas hour of gentle pulling passed before I was able to move it toward me. On the surface, it darted around in circles as I reeled in my loose line. I finally pulled it close enough to shove my hands into its gills. That’s when I realized how really big it was. I held it, bear-hug fashion, until I could swim back to the boat, where everyone onboard was impressed with its beauty and size. Peter McGonagle with his beautiful, 70-pound record dorado. Photo by Steve Howard 195