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BlueWater Freedivers Ventura , California 2017

Warning - Disclaimer

Freediving and spearfishing are inherently dangerous endeavors that can lead to permanent injury and death . Freediving and spearfishing may subject you to many risks including , but not limited to , drowning , shallow-water blackout , shark attack , line tangles , maiming injuries from improper use of gear , defective gear , or improper operation of boats , ear and sinus injuries and other lifelong injuries or death .
The purpose of this book is to entertain . While this book sometimes implements an instructional approach for the presentation of various subjects it covers , you should not depend or rely on information you obtain from this book for your own personal safety . Misinterpreting techniques or concepts discussed in this book may result in death or permanent injury .
There are no warranties or guarantees , either express or implied , from either the author , information and story contributors , the publisher or distributors , that any of the information contained in this book is accurate , correct or reliable . This book is not a replacement for your own judgment , experience and honest assessment of your freediving and spearfishing aptitudes and limitations .
Parents , in particular , should be careful with their children ’ s access to the information presented by the author and others herein . Older children and young adults are especially vulnerable to the injurious or fatal consequences of practicing this sport without the wisdom that hopefully age brings . Specifically , young adult males are the most likely group to suffer the consequences of shallow-water blackout .
By using this book you agree to assume all risks of freediving , spearfishing and any other related activities described herein and you hereby release on behalf of yourself , heirs , executors and guardians , the author , information and story contributors , the publisher and distributors from any and all liability for any injury or death that might result .
If you do not agree to be bound by the above , please return this unused book to the publisher for a full and prompt refund .

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BlueWater Freedivers Ventura , California 2017