Blue Water Hunting and Freediving - Digital Version 1 - Page 180

bluewater hunting and freediving
watched Gerard approach one that stayed out of range . He turned and signaled to me that he thought it was definitely over 50 kgs . Wasting no time , I dived and approached this fish just like the fish I ’ d been practicing on . I could tell it was huge , sporting large facial features and a big , round belly . I aimed for the brain . Given the wahoo ’ s soft flesh and immense power , it seemed like the best shot placement . I reasoned that even if I did not brain it , I should still have a good holding shot around the gill plate , and I wouldn ’ t waste meat in the bargain . ( This method worked well for me throughout the trip . I only lost one fish , and that was to a pack of hungry sharks !)
The wahoo was as close as it was going to come , so I squeezed the trigger . Unfortunately , it was further than I thought . My shaft landed too low for a brain shot , locking into the lower gill plate instead . It gave a couple of kicks , stopped still in the water for a second , then exploded off . I watched the first 30-m hard line and float rip past . I quickly swam for the 30-m bungee but missed it . Freestyling as fast as I could , I managed to reach the float a couple of minutes later . The float line was slack , and I could see sharks cruising in the fish ’ s direction . I took up some slack to see if it was still on and was relieved to find weight on the line .
Spooked by the sharks , the wahoo made another burst away and dived deep to evade my hungry competition . I pulled the fish up bit-by-bit , while each shark tried to make a pass on it . It was a nerve racking task . I finally managed to land the fish and was gob smacked with its true size when I wrapped it in my arms .
After a closer inspection on the boat , we realized it was a possible record . We wasted no time weighing it in . Luckily , Gerard had brought certified scales , which confirmed the fish weighed 62.6 kgs ( 137.8 lbs )! We celebrated when our notion was confirmed ; I had landed a world-record wahoo !