Blue Water Hunting and Freediving - Digital Version 1 - Page 111

This Bluewater safety float is a high-strength rigid float constructed survival using UV resistant material . It comes with three high-strength swivel attachment points , grab handles , two low density EVA pieces of foam inside the float and a push-in dive flag . With 19L of water-tight storage volume and 20kg of buoyancy , this float is perfect for holding an EPIRP , flares , water , and additional safety gear . Developed by the Bluewater Freedivers club of WA .
the powerhead and fired the shaft back toward Bob . “ The force was incredible . Luckily for me the shaft came directly back to my outstretched gun , hitting the muzzle precisely at its end ,” Bob said . “ The resultant force drove the gun into my chin , pitching me over onto my back . I had a good view of the ricocheting shaft as it spun in the air , landing 100 meters behind me .”
There is another story of the Bahamian scuba diver with a reputation for hard drinking and hard diving . A friend had commissioned him to retrieve a particularly beautiful piece of coral to decorate a living room table . ( Obviously this was in the days before we thought about protecting the corals .) Underwater , a diving buddy happened to notice him take aim , with his powerhead-equipped speargun , at the base of a coral tree . The resulting explosion and recoil sent the shaft back , striking him in the forehead . Horrified , the buddy retrieved his friend , now twitching on the bottom like a stoned fish , with the spear still protruding from his head .
The story has a miraculous ending . His buddy got him to the surface , where fellow divers extracted the spear . He regained consciousness and , as the story goes , he slunk up to his cabin like a run-over-alley cat , then medicated himself with red-eye and penicillin . Three days later , he emerged from his cabin no worse for the accident . A medical examination revealed that the spear end had entered his frontal sinus , through its outer wall , stopping just short of the inner wall and his brain .
Legendary South African spearo Tommy Bothe prepares for a comp in 1982 against the USA spearfishing team . We were diving through huge mats of Portuguese Man of War . This technique works well for all stinging jellyfish .