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Catch up with Liz!

March 8: 11AM Google Hangout classroom visit with Exploring By Seat of Your Pants

March 9: 7PM, Laurel Book Store, 7PM, Oakland, CA

March 25: Outward Bound Czech Republic, 40th Anniversary GENOM Conference

March 27: Charles University, Prague, Department of Education

March 29: Charles University, Prague, Institute of Environmental Studies

April: SeaWeb Europe, Paris, France TBD

April 9: ADEX Singapore, Google Hangout, 11AM

April 26: Drew University

May 5: Pennsylvania State University

May 16: W2O (Women Working for Oceans) keynote address and luncheon, New England Aquarium, Boston, MA

May 18: St. Mark’s School Gray Colloquium, Southborough, Massachusetts, 7PM

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continue to move forward around the world.

“We need to allow for the possibilities that we can’t see how it’s going to add up,” Liz said. “I learned that one of the important things is that even if you can't do that math, don't quit.”

Liz credits the hope she found on her journey to the “most amazing people” she met along the way. In fact, that hope has inspired Liz to focus her next book on what she calls the passion for rescue.

So what exactly is the passion for rescue?

“When the going gets impossible, it’s not about can we, it’s about we must do this,” Liz said.

Liz believes that the world is at a turning point when it comes to how society treats the oceans. While many feel the situation is hopeless because environmental issues are often at loggerheads with the economy and social norms, Liz points out that major social movements such as the antislavery, civil rights and women’s movement have successfully taken on issues that were totally enmeshed with our economy. These movements are unfinished, but they have changed innumerable lives and changed our world. Liz, like many other authors, believes the movement to save our earth and to make our societies more just is the largest social movement in history.

“The largest social movement is afoot,” Liz said. “There is a role for you. We need you.”

Liz stressed that while she might not see the changes in her lifetime, she continues to plant the small seeds of awareness and is living her life every day as if her voice matters.

Laurie put it best after hearing about Liz’s kayak accident, “Liz is meant to be here to do this.”

What's up next?

Liz is currently working on TWO new books:

The Passion for Rescue is about the spirit which inspires people to undertake rescue operations despite daunting odds - whether it be relief workers or marine mammal rescue operations or climate action activists. It highlights how this spirit is pivotal to facing the enormity of current environmental and humanitarian challenges.

Our Oceans, Our Breath is about marine plants and algae. It’s inspired by the fact that over 50% of the oxygen in every breath we take comes from marine plants and algae in the ocean. It will look at the role of marine plants and algae in ocean ecosystems and the importance of them to decarbonization efforts and restoring the earth. You can read two excerpts from the book here and here.