Blue Ocean Network Liz Cunningham - Page 3

“We technically live in a democracy, and the government and politicians are our civil

servants, not our masters. They are supposed to do what we ask them to do. We've got to

tell them what we want. If we engage with them at the municipal level, a certain amount

of queries at that level make them jump up a level. So get involved with your local

government. See this as an opportunity. Just jump in!”

The environmental problems we face are a reflection of our society, our fears, our sense of lack, our misplaced values, our need to fit in, and our political systems that maintain the status quo. We are in the process of breaking free of this collective conditioning – hence the chaos. We've realized there is no safety in the status quo: It no longer serves our best interests. The evidence is in the ocean.

Through this Summit, it has been truly gratifying to connect with so many Summit attendees (aka BOBSters!) who are using their voice, doing what they can, with what they have from where they are, to create hope spots of positive change around the world. If you are ready to do the same, Blue Ocean Network is here to help.

Our vision at Blue Ocean Network is a place that helps transform ocean lovers into ocean leaders. We provide the platform for change makers to gather, learn, share, collaborate and take actions that turn the tide for the health of the ocean. It all starts within each of us, individually and as a collaborative.

Our community is global, engaged and

growing: the blossoming of Blue Ocean

Network has not been accomplished in

a vacuum. We are a small, yet strong

team and I want to thank Robert Frerck

for his insight, attention to detail and

the very important behind-the-scenes

support that keeps this community

going. To Trefor Munn-Venn at

Rhapsody Strategies for his guidance

and mentorship as we pivoted Blue

Ocean Network from a travel trade site

to an ocean community. To Dani Chavez

Ackermann and her team at Just Add

Salt for their thoughtful redesign of

our website that now houses this Summit. To Pili Anzivino for helping us keep our message and branding on track. And to Lauryn Dempsey, my partner in ocean instigation, who was instrumental throughout the Summit and beyond, and who also wrote and designed this entire resource guide.

Finally, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for showing up and participating, for caring and connecting to this Blue Ocean community. Thank you for all that you do to make this beautiful blue planet a better place. Your voice matters!

Now, dive in and enjoy this year’s Summit Resource Guide!

- Laurie