Blue Knight News Edition 3 - Page 5

A group of Jefferson School students applied for a courthouse trip and we were taken to many different places. We went to Union County Jail in Elizabeth. The police officers showed the group the cells of the inmates and their housing unit. Also, the group went to the old jail.

Next, my group went to the old jail, which was closed down in 2001. The old jail has five flights of stairs with three rooms on each side. As soon as we got to Tier A, I was shocked at how small the inmate's housing units were. A jail isn't the best place because of all the harsh living conditions. Lastly, we went to The Union County Jail in Elizabeth. We learned that when you are in a courtroom you have to be really quiet, so you can hear the judge. It was worthwhile and a fruitful experience.

-Laurel Amankwah

Courthouse Field Trip