Blue Knight News Edition 3 - Page 14

Lauren Buchanan

Q. How long have you been playing softball?

A. I have been playing softball for 10 years.

Q. What has been your overall goal throughout your softball career?

A. My overall goal is to continuosly play well throughout my entire softball career.

Q. Who has enfluenced you the most through your career?

A. My grandfather has influenced me the most throughout my career. He has always supported me and incoureges me to strive for greatness while playing on the diamond.

Q. Do you think you will be playing softball your whole life?

A. I hope to be playing softball for a long time after my high school career ends.

Q. How do you synergize with your teamates?

A. To synergize with my teamates, I try to communicate well, wether it is cheering them on or giving a piece of advice, communication is key for solid teamwork.

Q.Who is your biggest supporter?

A. My grandfather is my biggest supporter. I can always count on him cheering me on at my games.

Q. How old were you when you first started playing softball?

A. I was eight years old when I began playing softball.