Blue Knight News Edition 3 - Page 13

The track meet is one of the greatest days of the school year. It is one of the best days because people can enjoy doing their events. Also, it gives us a chance to show our school pride to every school in the district. Furthermore, you mostly sit on the bleachers and that gives us a chance to make new friends. This is why I like the track meet.

-Joshua Omoruyi

“It was amazing and so much fun!"

- Gabriel Gobbi

Jump Rope for Heart

This year in Jump Rope for Heart, we raised money for the American Heart Association. You could jump rope for only 4 minutes. It was very loud and they were giving out stickers and lanyards. There were also a lot of people who were separated on the floor. It was an interesting event.

-Brandon Hocutt

4th and 5th Grade Track Meet