Bloom Spring 2018 - Page 11

Q&A Stumped by what to use for centerpieces? Our guest expert, floral designer Jeff Leatham, took some time out just before his new show’s premiere (catch “Flowers Uncut With Jeff Leatham,” on TLC!) to give us his top tips and most creative wedding flower ideas. Q : Do you have any out-of-the-box ideas for reception centerpieces? I like laying many bouquets on a table or on top of (instead of inside) vases so guests can easily take the flowers home after the wedding. Another suggestion: Use potted flowering plants on tables (editor’s note: it’s more eco-friendly!) and surround them with cut flowers. And if your theme isn’t flowers, consider using props on tables. Q : What are some vessel alternatives? I’ve seen vases made out of ice, and (hollowed-out) logs with flowers inside. I love Mason jars for garden weddings. Plus, you can spray-paint any inexpensive glass to match your color scheme. Q : Table centerpieces get so much attention at the reception, but what are some other spots brides should remember to decorate? The entrances to the ceremony and the reception are so important because they make the first impression. Don’t neglect the escort card table or the restrooms either! Q : Winter brides are always afraid that there aren’t any in-season flowers to use. Can you set the record straight? Amaryllis, hyacinths, short and long tulips, and short calla lilies are all readily available! Q : You can never go wrong with a white or ivory satin bouquet wrap, but what are some stylish bouquet wrap alternatives? Ask your bridal salon or seamstress for extra fabric from your dress to wrap around the bouquet. Or you can buy a silver bouquet holder (aka a tussy mussy) from a floral supply store. They’re very beautiful. Q : Let’s talk about the guys’ flowers. What are the best blooms for wedding boutonnieres? It’s all about creating memories. Do it with smell: Gardenias, stephanotis, and lilies of the valley will remind grooms of the wedding later on. Q : For the DIY brides out there, what’s the secret to making the arrangements look like they’re the work of a pro? Keep the arrangements clean, simple, chic, and monochromatic. Don’t try to design too much, it’ll show! Q : And the question that’s on all brides’ minds: How can you get the most bang for your buck? Florists are always trying to get rid of old roses; you can use these for their petals. Float flower heads in bowls or decorate with flowering plants instead of choosing full bouquets (of cut flowers) for the centerpieces. And instead of using expensive hydrangeas, use stock instead. Bloom | Spring 2018 09