Bliss Magazine Bliss Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 4

Awakening to Your Bliss The great Joseph Campbell wisely taught his students to follow their bliss in many of his teachings over the years, and it’s such a simple, yet powerful teaching to guide us towards experiencing more joy and fulfillment in our lives. “Following your bliss” means to do what makes you happy. To accompany that wisdom, the Buddha once said, “do whatever you want in life, experience anything you want, just don’t hurt yourself or hurt others.” If you do what makes you happy in life, but that happiness is temporary and it comes at the expense of your integrity, your body, or someone else’s life, then it’s an empty teaching. But when paired up with the wisdom of the Buddha, not hurting yourself or others, and I would add to that, not hurting the planet, then following your bliss is the greatest teaching towards joy, happiness, and infinite fulfillment we could ever learn to master. While this teaching is simple and pround, it also seems fleeting and inaccessible for many people. The common question people have is, “well, I don’t know what my bliss is, how do I find it?” As someone who’s followed the sensations of pain and pleasure my entire life, I’ve begun to find a balance between Joseph’s message of follow your bliss and the Buddha’s message of don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, and my ultimate conclusion is that there’s nothing more important in your life than feeling good. That’s the secret sauce. If we don’t feel good about our lives, then what are we doing? Even though I’ve experience enough suffering for 1000 people, I don’t believe we came here to suffer. While suffering creates an opportunity for awakening, we can easily awaken to higher consciousness if we just pay attention to what creates suffering, and also pay attention to what gives people true happiness, and then choose our lives from there. To awaken your inner bliss, you must first come to the realization that you were designed to feel good. When you see someone stop traffic to help a blind person across the street, doesn’t it make you feel good? Or how about when a friend or family member shows up to support you when you needed it the most? Or what about the times that you achieve your goals, create a positive difference in someone else’s life, do yoga, listen to music, get a massage, have meaningful sex with someone you care about, and experience heightened levels of health and fitness? All of these things trigger chemicals in our brain such as dopamine and serotonin, among other feel- good chemicals, that literally make you feel good. Therefore you can determine that we were fully designed to feel good. The next step is to pay a GFVFFbFPFw2FBRRfVVvBBFBF( @W'BW'6Vb"RV6RBF&RbF6PFw2N( 2&VǒFB6RFR&RRF`FRFw2RVFR&R&Ɨ72Rv&VvFvVvFW'6VbF( BvBVFW"&WF&VBFfrW"&Ɨ72vVBrF( B7vVBFR67GVfbBfVVtBFR&W7BbW"ƖfR( vVrW"&Ɨ7>( Ф7&R2v&BvrWF"7&F7VW"fW"BfVFW"FR6V6VGwwrF7&R6У0&Ɨ72vP7VW"#