Bliss Magazine Bliss Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 3

Letter From The Editor by Maimah Karmo Welcome to another issue of Bliss Magazine! We are excited to bring you this issue, in which we share the perspectives of people just like you, on the journey of life. What Bliss Magazine brings you is truth, reality and honesty. The path to bliss isn’t always blissful, but when you live in a place of authenticity, honesty, self-introspection and are open to growth, you can find peace in moments when you least expect it. A s I’ve grown spiritually, I have learned to expect change. We have all heard the saying that change is the only constant and that is very true. I have also learned that the gift of change is life; and instead of running from it, to welcome it instead. So many people are waiting for life to slow down, calm down, get easier…they are waiting for the right people, time or circumstances to be happy. That rarely happens. You have to create the inner space, where you curate your joy. This past year, I went through some challenges that brought me to my knees. I was extremely depressed, overwhelmed, anxious and afraid that I would not be able to get a handle on the situation or get through it. After living this way for months, one day, I decided to start creating what I call “pockets of joy” – basically, I would create ways to feel more peaceful, to laugh, to appreciate, to find something to love in that moment. I also began to truly be in each moment. I found things to be thankful for – my heartbeat, my breath, my hands, my eyes, the trees, the grass, the sky, a baby’s laugh, my daughter, family and friends, my existence. I worked on letting go of the anxiety of the future, and letting go of regret, hurt, anger or any negative feelings and stories of the past. Instead, I focused on the pockets of joy I was creating in the present. After practicing this day after day, what happened was that in curating peace and joy in the present moment, it was cultivating more of that in the future. This brings us back to bliss. How do I define bliss? I define it as peace. I define it as contentment. I define it as truly being alive in the present moment. Love always - M 02 Summer 2018 Bliss Magazine